Tom Harrison: San Gorgonio Wilderness
Map User Manual


  1. Introduction
  2. Safety
  3. Map Screen
  4. Tracks
  5. Waypoints
  6. Settings
  7. Tips For Use


The Tom Harrison: San Gorgonio Wilderness app for Android is a personal navigation and tracking application, intended for use by outdoor enthusiasts. The application displays the San Gorgonio Wilderness map from Tom Harrison Maps, overlayed on top of the OpenStreetMap map. Using the GPS in your phone or tablet, your position on the map is shown, and your track can be logged.

The Tom Harrison: San Gorgonio Wilderness app uses OpenStreetMap map data, and the osmdroid software library. Tom Harrison map data is © Tom Harrison Maps. OpenStreetMap map data © OpenStreetMap contributors, CC-BY-SA.


No single navigation aid is a replacement for experience and preparation. All safe backcountry travel practices should be followed.

Map Screen:

Map Screen

The map screen is the first screen you see, after the EULA agreement and map download screen. It is a full-screen view of the map, and defaults to showing the San Gorgonio Wilderness map.

Map Features:

Controlling The Map:

Map Screen Options:

Press your device's menu button to pop-up the options menu for the map screen.


Tracks Browser





Tips For Use: